Adding A Slider

Adding A Slider The slider function is different than the banner option in the Home Page Designer. The slider can be used for a single image, or multiple images with a transition between them. Silder images can have links assigned to them to be clickable to relevant content. To access the slider admin tool: Type […]

Adding Attributes/Families To A Product

Adding Attributes/Families to a Product Log in and go to Product/Search Use any filter to retrieve a list of products needing Attributes/Families Click into a product using the link in the SKU column, make note of product size and color when doing so Click the Attributes tab Use the Family drop down to select the […]

Adding Product Families

Adding Product Families Log in and go to Product/Families Click the ‘new family’ link at the top left of the page Add the Name of the new family in the Name box Name is typically in two parts: Product SKU Abbreviated product supplier or manufacturer name, like ‘san’ for Sanmar Example Family Name would be: […]

Adding Product Attributes

Adding Product Attributes Log in and go to Product/Attributes Click the ‘new attribute’ link at the top left of the page Add the Name of the new attribute in the Name box Name is typically in three parts: Type of attribute like ‘color’ or ‘size’ Product SKU Abbreviated product supplier or manufacturer name, like ‘san’ […]

Adding Allotments/Points To A Customer

If  your site uses Allotment/Points or something similar as a payment method, you can edit the allotment amounts for individual users. Allotments/Points must be enabled on your site for use. Contact our support team to have this feature enabled if necessary. If you have a large number of allotments to add for multiple users, we […]

Submitting Orders to Ship Compliant

To submit orders to Ship Compliant: ASSUMPTION: All orders are checked through Ship Compliant during ordering process. We suggest, and the how-to below assumes, that any order that is ‘order only, no wish quantities’ will not only be auto-checked, but also auto-verified, since it should not require any further staff interaction. Login to your admin […]

Creating An Admin/Back-End Order

There may be times when you need to redo an order for whatever reason, typically to replace a damaged bottle, or if something was missed shipping out an order. To place an order in the back end do the following: Log in to the back end like you normally would Go to the customer record […]

Completing Non-UPS Orders

If your site has non-UPS orders: Brick & Mortar/Curbside pickup options USPS shipping for merch ABC store shipping (VA Distilleries) there is an additional step needed to complete your orders. UPS shipped orders have UPS info assigned to them, so the system knows to auto-complete when the end-of-day process is run. This is not the […]

Clubs End-User Interface

Sign Up Users will go to the ‘Join The Club’ link on your  Shop to sign up. The signup page includes: Club Selector if more than one is available on your site Shipping address input section Billing address input section if it differs from the shipping address Credit Card information input to enable recurring charges […]

Creating A Club

Please note – the club function must be enabled on your site. Not enabled, contact us to get started. You will also need to add a ‘Join The Club’ link to your Shop navigation to enable your customers to sign up. If you need help with this step contact us for help. The link to […]