Adding Attributes/Families To A Product

Adding Attributes/Families to a Product

  • Log in and go to Product/Search
  • Use any filter to retrieve a list of products needing Attributes/Families
  • Click into a product using the link in the SKU column, make note of product size and color when doing so
  • Click the Attributes tab
  • Use the Family drop down to select the Family for the product you are working on, like ‘8000-san’
  • Once the family is selected Attribute options will appear.
    • Select the appropriate option for the specific product in each dropdown provided.
      • For example, for and 8000 product, you are offered color-8000-san and size-SAN-XXS-7XL
        • Select the color and size in each box as appropriate
        • Click the Save button
        • The Attribute tab will update, adding the number of attributes assigned to the tab name
  • NO-SIZE OR NO-COLOR placeholder products REQUIRE the family to be added
    • Select the appropriate color for the placeholder image being displayed
    • Select NONE for the size option
    • NO-SIZE and NO-COLOR Attributes tabs may display (1) or (0) depending on their settings after updates, even though more attribute values are available.
  • Repeat the above for every size, color, etc… product option in the product family