Adding A Slider

Adding A Slider

The slider function is different than the banner option in the Home Page Designer. The slider can be used for a single image, or multiple images with a transition between them. Silder images can have links assigned to them to be clickable to relevant content.

To access the slider admin tool:

  • Type the following in your browser address bar: https://yourdomainname(including text after the . like ‘.com’)/shopadmin
    • For example
    • Some sites have additional security options enabled may route you to the Returning Customers login page, which cannot access the Slider Admin.
      • If this is the case for your site, use this path to log in:
  • Add in the username and password
    • Users for the Shop Admin page have to be created on the User Manager page in your Admin/EOS site with the role of Shop Admin.
  • Once logged in you will see a screen similar to one of the two below:


  • The first image is an empty slider with the default placeholder icon. The second is an example of a slider with slides added.

Slider Admin Top Tools

Slider Admin Bottom Tools

Slider Admin

  • To add a slider to your website, select the appropriate site from the site dropdown (#1). Default is main home page for the site.
    • If you run a site with subsites, choose the subsite from the site dropdown (#1).
  • Click the Choose File button (#2) to add a new slider image.
  • If the image has a click through link, add the full link to the Target block (#7), optional.
  • Repeat the two steps above to add additional slide images if applicable.
    • All slide images should be the same size so the transition is smoother.
  • To change the order of the slides, use the Move Right Move Left buttons (#3)
  • You can cycle through the current order of multiple slides using the arrow icons on either side of the slide (#6) or by clicking the small dots under the slide (also #6).
  • To remove a slide, use the Delete button (#4)
    • For new slider setups, you will want to cycle to the placeholder icon (big green cross) and remove that image with the Delete button.
  • You can simply click an option in the site top nav to leave the slider admin, or use the Logout link (#5)