The IMX Solutions

What we do

Our EOS360 empowers clients to drive profitable revenue growth, reduces operating costs and provides a scalable path for future growth without the traditional upfront and ongoing capital investments.

EOS360 Complete

End-to-end cloud based SaaS solution

  • Introduce new B2B and B2C revenue channels
  • Ongoing cost reduction as revenues increase
  • Scalable to grow with business
  • Mobile ready

How we do it

Our EOS360 is a single B2C and B2B commerce platform that helps clients grow profits through increased sales opportunities and reduced operating costs, utilizing a scalable architecture to adapt to the ever changing business landscape. IMX provides the freedom and flexibility of a software as a service(SaaS) single-tenant model, allowing IMX to configure your EOS360 to meet your unique requirements with a fast ROI. IMX is 100% accountable for implementing your solution, with no involvement from third party developers.