Completing Non-UPS Orders

If your site has non-UPS orders:

  • Brick & Mortar/Curbside pickup options
  • USPS shipping for merch
  • ABC store shipping (VA Distilleries)

there is an additional step needed to complete your orders.

UPS shipped orders have UPS info assigned to them, so the system knows to auto-complete when the end-of-day process is run. This is not the case for non-UPS  orders.

To complete non-UPS orders:

  • Login to your admin site
  • Go To Orders/Picking Tickets
    • If you have not printed the tickets yet, and/or are unsure how, see Fulfilling An Order for the steps
  • Click on the Force-Ship radio button at the top of the Options section
    • This will list all orders that have been printed but do not have UPS tracking assigned
  • Select the tickets to complete (click the checkbox in the header to select all)
  • Click the Force Ship button at the bottom

And that’s it. Orders will go complete next time end-of-day runs.

NOTE: When orders go complete, they will send out an Order Shipped email to the customer so it is best to try to remember to do these steps around the time you force ship the orders using the steps above.