White Papers

IMX Solutions has documented the solutions provided to our customers in a mini white paper format. Read on to see a brief summary and a link to the full paper for each customer.

AIM Surplus White Paper


AIMsurplus.com entered the ecommerce space selling firearms and ammunition online 15 years ago. They quickly gained traction in the marketplace and established a passionate fan base online. Steve Neal, Founder and President, assembled an experienced and talented leadership team. This team brought together the knowledge and ability to source surplus from around the world, along with talent to create and maintain a highly effective ecommerce site. In a matter of a few years, AIMsurplus.com became an online industry leader. Read the white paper…

Trophy Nut White Paper


Trophy Nut, headquartered in the Miami Valley, is an industry leader in all phases of nut processing and packaging. Raw products are received from all over the world, and are then roasted, dry roasted, honey roasted, or seasoned before being packaged for a variety of sales outlets from retail, ecommerce, corporate gift giving, and various B2B markets. Chocolates and other candies, as well as dried fruits, are also processed in large quantities and used to create various products targeting different markets and customer needs. Read the white paper…