Web To Print (W2P)

One of the main goals of our EOS360 solution is to allow companies to grow without having to continually hire more staff because of tedious manual efforts that can be eliminated through technology.  Our web 2 print solution is one example of how manual workflow tasks can be eliminated.  Onboarding new clients in an effective and efficient manner is another important task that the EOS360  solution has solved.  By utilizing our Personal/B2B URLs (PURLs), creating a branded website for a client can be completed in hours drastically reducing the time to market.   Below are several key features that are part of the EOS360 web 2 print  solution.

Cost Savings by Reducing Overhead

  • Eliminating manual steps to process more orders with less staff
    • Dynamic Printable PDF automatically sent to hot folders
      The EOS360 can automatically deliver printable PDFs with print instructions to eliminate costly manual preflight steps.
    • Automate Imposition
      In addition to delivering the printable PDFs with slip sheets, manifest file and shipping file on a daily basis, we can also automate the Imposition so the PDF is fully imposed when it arrives at the printer.
    • Pending Verification for Approval processes
      The EOS360 has the ability to automatically place any order in “pending verification” based on a set of rules.

      • Email notifications are automatically sent to the person responsible for verification
      • Two Tier verification available
      • All verifications are logged in order notes
      • Custom rules can be created down to the product and customer levels
    • Integrating with Back Office system
      The EOS360 is integrated with QuickBooks and a variety of other third party systems which allows customers to automatically pull/push over purchase orders, sales orders, invoices and more.  The EOS360 system is architected to easily integrate with other ERP/Accounting systems to reduce manual keying.
    • Drop Shippers
      Allows you to break out order items by type: Digital, Large Format, External, Internal, etc.   Also breaks out manifest file by drop shipper.

Onboarding and Time to Market

  • Be Production Ready Faster to Generate Revenue More Quickly
    • Personal/B2B URLs
      The EOS360 has the ability to create branded websites using PURLS and have a branded website up and running in hours instead of days or weeks.  This reduces the cost and time to market to create a branded websites for specific customers.
    • Custom Workflows
      The EOS360 system is architected in a way to implement custom workflows for authentication, products, customers, shipping, checkout and more.