Avatax Integration with IMX Systems

IMX Solutions has partnered with Avalara, and integrated their best-in-class Avatax service into our web-based software system in two areas – both the SHOP360 (ecommerce shopping cart) and the EOS360 (backend system).

Why is it important for IMX to provide an integration with a sales tax service?

The complexity and continually changing sales tax environment is especially critical for our customers. Both the B2B and ecommerce sales tax landscapes are rapidly evolving. Compliance will quickly begin to impact not only large, but small to mid-sized companies.Our customers have always relied on IMX to be ahead of business trends to help them out-perform their competition, and keep their business on the right technology track for their future. Sales tax calculation has become a vital tool in the arsenal to compete and grow profitably for many of our customers.

Why Avatax?

IMX Solutions looked at the different leading ecommerce tax software, and ecommerce tax systems available today. Avatax provided the real-time integration functionality, and track record of success that made them the clear choice.Avatax is a cloud-based service that provides a proven, real-time integration capability system-wide. No matter how an order enters the system (ecommerceor B2B portal), and how complex each order is, the tax calculation will be accurate and real-time.

How can sales tax be complicated enough to need a service?

Offering this Avatax integration with both the ecommerce shopping cart, and the B2B ordering portal functionality, provides a solution to any scenario your business will demand.Some of the high-level requirements for a tax software integration partner were to be able to handle any scenario involving ecommerce sales tax, B2B ordering sales tax, and shipping sales tax. All of these need to work with our robust corporate gift giving, and drop-shipper functionalities on a per-order, real-time basis. Avatax proved to be the best fit.

Sales tax rate drivers within an order:

  • Product Taxability: Types of products in the cart.
  • Address Validation / Jurisdiction Assignment: The physical street addresses of each recipient, within an order determines the applicable taxes. Various taxes types that come into play can be RTA taxes, stadium taxes, and various local taxes.
  • Sourcing Rules: Shipper(s) location(s) for each shipment within an order.

Scenarios managed with IMX / Avatax integration:

  • Corporate gift giving functionality creates an unlimited number of “recipients” within any given “order”. Each recipient address, in combination with the products in their shipment, will drive the tax amount for that order.
  • Drop-shipper functionality provides multiple “ship-from” addresses on any given “shipment” within each order. This provides the ability to control shipping end-to-end, while staying in full compliance regarding ecommerce sales tax on shipping.

Visit the Avalara website to learn more about their services:

  • Avatax Calc – Accurate calculations at the point of transaction.
  • Avatax Cert – Exemption certificate management.
  • Avatax Returns – On-time, every time filing and remittance of transactional sales tax liabilities.

IMX Solutions selected Avatax so that the business needs of our customers will be met today, and into the future – accurately, and real-time.